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Super Sharp Shooter Keychain Song!

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The Patented Sharp Shooter Self Defense Keychain. Unlike the Kubotan that is a Close-Quarter Self Defense Device. The Sharp Shooter is both a short and a long range self defense device.
It is like 3 devices in one tiny keychain. It instantly gives a smaller defender a serious advantage over a larger, stronger assailant. The Sharp Shooter Self Defense Keychain makes a great choice as a personal protection weapon.
Lot’s of  first time users have found when they use the Sharp Shooter Keychain for the first time, that they now feel the kubotan to be an overrated weapon.
There are many models to choose from all of which work great.
A simple easy to use device in that it gives you a mechanical advantage that you do not have with a kubotan or your bare hands. The Patented Sharp Shooter Keychain designed to help you in situations that are threatening to you. This amazing keychain allows people who have no combat training to be able to defend themselves efficiently in many situations. The product includes a DVD that teaches you many ways in which you can use the keychain as a life saving device.
At only $12.95 the original sharp shooter is easily the best value for your money.
Remember, when you order, you’re getting:
1) The Sharp Shooter Keychain – The most subtly powerful keychain device you can take with you practically anywhere you go.
2) Sharp Shooter Instruction DVD
3) The Pressure Point Self Defense DVD
4) The Pressure Point Self Defense Chart
All backed by a one-year,GuaranteeBuy a Sharpshooter

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Do you teach or run Kubotan seminars? Are you looking for new, original Kubotan self defense techniques?
Well now you can super charge your seminars with the Sharp Shooter Self Defense Keychain. We are seeking self defense instructors to teach and spread the word about our amazing but tiny self defense keychain. Bring new excitement to your seminars. We have low cost value packs of 10,25, or 100 packs of the Sharp Shooter Self Defense Keychain. Take a look at our value packs.

Watch it Break a Coconut Here




The 10 Sharp Shooter Survival Keychain gift pack

The 10 Sharp Shooter Survival Keychain gift pack

$89.95 USD

25 Pack Of Sharp Shooter Original Tactical Keychains Plus 25 Copies of The Instruction DVD25 Pack Of Sharp Shooter Original Tactical Keychains Plus 25 Copies of The Instruction DVD

$170.00 USD

100 Sharp Shooter Tactical Keychains + 100 Instruction DVDs100 Sharp Shooter Tactical Keychains + 100 Instruction DV

$640.00 USD
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Click here To order Your Keychain!

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Remember, the police cannot be there all the time. But a Sharp Shooter Keychain can be their all the time. This device is small cool looking but made battle ready and will hold up in the heat of a attack situation. When you first get your sharp shooter self defense keychain, and you watch the free instruction DVD that comes with your device. You will quickly realize you really made a great choice for a self defense device. The power to break coconuts and cinder blocks means it has the power to stop a attacker in his tracks. Get Yours Today! http://bushidoproductions.com/

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A monkey fist is a slungshot, when you use the most literal definition of a slungshot. They are illegal to make or sell in some states, as are  knuckle dusters and, both defined as a weapons.

The sharp shooter Keychain however is not a weapon it is a self defense keychain. Warning! Using a monkey fist,a knife, or brass knuckles as weapon is not recommended because it is harder to explain defending yourself with these type of weapons to police, or in court.
Now, thanks to Grand Master Moran’s patented sharp shooter para cord self defense keychain you don’t have to carry a weapon like a monkey fist or knuckle duster, anymore. For Preppers it is perfect and better than the monkey fist.
Welcome to Sharp Shooter Keychains! Do you constantly worry about your family and loved ones? Concerned for their safety in these violent times we live in? LIMITED TIME OFFER!!! You get ALL these when you purchase the Patented Sharp Shooter Self Defense Keychain:
1. Patented Sharp Shooter Self Defense Keychain
2. Pressure point target area chart
3. Pressure point self defense DVD
4. Sharp Shooter instruction DVD
5. 100% Risk-Free Guarantee

Not only are we much better than the monkey fist, the Patented sharp shooter keychain is legal in all 50 states. A monkey fist is not! 
Why at such a low cost? Because I truly care about your personal safety.

My DVD comes with your order for free, and is a self defense tutorial just like I was there 
with you teaching you how to use the keychain, just like you are my private student.. Where else will you receive professional self defense tutorials for the price of a keychain?

My name is Robert Moran, a martial arts expert, Karate instructor and trainer and inventor of the Patented Sharp Shooter Keychain. Subtle, easy to carry, made to last, but most important – will prove deadly to anyone who targets you or your loved ones!

Check out the Sharp Shooter Keychain in action:

Read more on my website:

Keep safe!
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The patented self defense weapon / weapons that’s super small