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Our Self Defense Keychains –

Our Self Defense Keychains


The Sharp Shooter Original Tactical Self Defense

keychain. Price: $12.95

This Tiny self defense survival para cord keychain won’t break when you need it the most. Made with 550 test para cord. It comes with a one year guarantee,and comes with a free instruction DVD!

Average Review

5 out of 5 stars

Dec 26, 2016

My daughter loves it! Great holiday gift.
Sharp Shooter Original Tactical keychain

The Sharp Shooter Plus Self Defense Survival Keychain

Be prepared with this self defense survival para cord keychain. It is made to last and comes with a free DVD.
The Sharp Shooter plus comes with a longer para cord and a solid metal finger ring.
Not sure if you will like it? Don’t worry it comes with a one year guarantee.

Average Review


Sharp Shooter Extreme Survival Self Defense

EDC Keychain With Instruction DVD


This is for the people that want longer wider self defense para cord keychain with more reach and wider stronger,and longer metal shaft. The about 4 inch long shaft is made to last for years. Included with all Our Sharp Shooter Keychains is a free instruction DVD!
This is a great gift for anyone.

The Viper Sharp Shooter Self Defense Keychain With

Free DVD

The Viper Survival Sharp Shooter Self Defense Keychain with free DVD
Get the super strong Viper keychain It is made to help you survive.
Two heavy duty key rings so you can hold more keys.
The photo shows it with keys but,the Keys are not included.

Super Sharp Shooter Self Defense Survival Keychain

 A great Self Defense Keychain!
Super Sharp Shooter EDC Survival Keychain Real cool rounded end for pressure points. Plus comes with a longer para cord and a solid metal finger ring. It is a great gift idea. Includes the sharpshooter instruction DVD.
Makes a great stocking stuffer!

Sharp Shooter Zombie Self Defense Keychain With

Free Instruction DVD



With A longer cord & 2 heavy duty key rings attached to 2 horse rings gives you more reach and more room for extra keys. Made with 550 para cord this is a great self defense keychain.
Comes with a free DVD and a 1 year guarantee. Make sure to choose your para cord color.
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