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Online Karate Classes –

Online Karate Classes

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This Is old School Karate For Self Defense. 

Real Karate for the real world.

Karate Classes Online!

Karate for kids near belmont

Karate Belmont MA

The system we use in our private karate classes is called Bushido-Zen Kenpo. This advanced system combines pressure point self defense, Filipino martial arts, and traditional Okinawan karate. Bushido-Zen Kenpo is constantly upgraded with the most modern teaching and defense techniques. We make an effort to stay current to ensure our students are the best they can be!

GRAND MASTER MORAN (10th degree Black Belt)

A 10th Degree Black Belt and the Inventor of the Patented Sharp Shooter self defense keychain. He  has over 48 years of training in the  martial arts and was promoted to 10th degree Black Belt  legitimately by his long time instructor Grand Master Lambert in the month of  March in the year 2013. Grand Master Moran is on of the few true  Grand Masters in the world that had his instructor step down from his position of Grand Master in order to promote him as the Grand Master a honor he never looked forward to because in most all cases it is not received until the passing of the Grand Master or shortly before.

Please enter your contact info HERE! Or Call or text Sensei Bobby at 617-932-9004 to schedule your free karate class. Don’t forget to LIKE our Facebook and Instagram page at karatekidsbelmontma.




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