Kids Karate Near or In Belmont,Watertown,Arlington,Newton,Waltham,Lexington,and,Cambridge MA

Kids Karate Belmont Ma 396 Trapelo Rd. Call Today!  617-932-9004 or 617-489-4025

Our Karate Programs are designed to bring out the best in your kids.

Karate teaches your child respect,discipline,concentration, and also the ability to

listen and follow directions.

Kids Karate Near Belmont MA

Kids Karate Near Belmont MA

The Forms we teach called kata is one of the tools we use to teach

your child to concentrate.

Karate for kids near belmont

Kids Karate Belmont MA

Grandmaster Moran and his son Bobby JR. make a perfect team of karate instructors.

Our classes are geared to help each student develop a new sense of mental and physical

awareness which will give them composure and self confidence. Parent’s reports prove

that many of our youth students get better school grades and show more cooperation

at home.

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